5 Essential Elements that Slow Down Skin Aging

Include daytime and a nighttime antioxidant skincare product in each regimen. They will help prevent free radical damage and protect skin cells from cellular damage, thus prevent premature signs of aging. Many antioxidants also have secondary benefits in that they aid the skin in its natural rejuvenation process, thus also correcting premature skin aging. Topical delivery of antioxidants is key since only a small portion of dietary antioxidants are absorbed and travel to the skin. Serums with high concentrations of vitamins A, C, and E are recommended.
Nightly exfoliation treatment is recommended. The key is to use the correct peel for each skin type and condition. Peels that both peel and heal peels that are targeted or specific, peels that can be used to progressively enhance results are suggested.
Scientific studies reveal that peptides in skincare are progressively effective in promoting skin elasticity and firmness, increasing microcirculation, strengthening capillaries, and boosting cell metabolism. 
The efficacy of peptides in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles is comparable to that of retinol, but with faster results. Use Peptide skin care products that provide multiple functions, such as expression lines, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, hydration, and acne.
Drinking an adequate amount of water each and every day is the first step towards maintaining a hydrated and soft complexion.
Having an adequately hydrated face will help to improve skin elasticity which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles. When your skin is fully hydrated, it is able to fight and flush out toxins more effectively because your cells are getting the maximum amount of hydration that they need to function at their best.
Choose skin moisturizers wisely, looking for these with fewer oils and more bioactives to correct and prevent signs of aging.
Sunscreen keeps your skin healthier. It protects sensitive skin against sunburn and it reduces the appearance of sun damage – discolorations and dark spots, sagging or leathery skin, and wrinkles. These protections help your skin maintain a more even skin tone overall.
Choose a sunscreen that fits like a glove. It should provide a full range of ultraviolet sun protection. It should boost antioxidant protection and it should be oil-free and chemical-free. It should not contain ingredients that may cause photosensitivity, such as retinol or alcohol. It should look and feel good; after all, when products look and feel good, you will wear them daily and will get the full benefit.
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