HERA Cell-Bio Simple Set (5 items)

HERA Cell-Bio Simple Set (5 items)

Origin: South Korea

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  • Description
  • Set Includes:

    HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Water - 15ml
    HERA Cell Essence - 15ml
    HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Emulsion - 15ml
    HERA Modifier - 5ml
    HERA Cell Bio Cream - 5ml


    HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Water 
    Enriched wrinkle repair toner that fills uneven skin, and creates smooth and radiant skin. Elastin emulsion ingredient delivers resilience on skin texture.  Boosting agent ingredient leaves moisture and brightens your face.  Non-sticky. Leaves smooth finish, and boosts absorption and effect of next skincare. 
    How to use: After your serum, apply a moderate amount over face, and spread gently as massaging for absorption.

    HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Emulsion 
    Wrinkle repair lotion that fills moisture and nutrition deep inside the skin, and creates healthy skin.  Natural olive ingredient fills skin texture evenly and smoothly.  Meadowfoam seed oil creates healthy and radiant skin.  Spreads smoothly, and improves the condition of the skin.  Gives instant and visible resilience on skin. 
    How to use: After your water, apply a moderate amount from inside to the outside of the face, and spread evenly.

    HERA Cell Essence
    Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™ delivers what your skin needs when it is tired by ageing and stress. It is formulated to match the physiological fluid in your body, and a milky solution that contains the nutrients your skin needs. It penetrates comfortably and quickly upon application to instantly leave your skin transparent and full of life.
    How to use:
    1. Dampen a cotton pad with the essence.
    2. Apply to your face beginning from the center of your face and outward.
    3. Pat gently.
    4. For the nose area, rub lightly with the cotton pads.

    5. Using the other side of the cotton pad, wipe your neck.

    HERA Cell-Bio Cream 
    CELL-BIO OmnifocusTM solves different kinds of skin problems and gives a firm and a brighter younger-looking skin. Rich nutrition texture for beautiful skin.
    How to use:  At the step of cream, apply onto face, wrap with both hands and tap gently.

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